Not much vnlike the wondrer haue ye another figure called the doubtfull, because oftentimes we will seeme to cast perils, and make doubt of things when by a plaine manner of speech wee might affirme or deny him.


Eça de Quierós, The Maias

Life in this bed of roses, however, was not without its longueurs. It was not at all amusing to sit in silence, in an armchair, listening to the endless discussions between Carlos and Craft on art and science. And as he confessed later, he did feel slightly put out when they took him to the laboratory to perform electrical experiments on his body. “They held me down like two demons,” he told the Countess de Gouvarinho, “and I’ve always hated any kind of spiritualism!”

She sat down, they offered her champagne, and Dona Adosinda began to reveal herself to be a truly astonishing creature. They were talking about politics, about the government and the deficit. Dona Adosinda immediately announced that she knew the deficit very well, and that he was a lovely fellow. The deficit “a lovely fellow” – well, everyone roared with laughter. Dona Adosinda became annoyed and declared that she had been to Sintra with him, and that he was a perfect gentleman and worked for the Bank of England.

Ega got up and made a desolate gesture: “We have failed in life, my friend!”

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