Not much vnlike the wondrer haue ye another figure called the doubtfull, because oftentimes we will seeme to cast perils, and make doubt of things when by a plaine manner of speech wee might affirme or deny him.


Alcaeus, fragment 208

ἀσυννέτημμι τὼν ἀνέμων στάσιν·
τὸ μὲν γὰρ ἔνθεν κῦμα κυλίνδεται,
τὸ δ’ ἔνθεν, ἄμμες δ’ ὂν τὸ μέσσον
νᾶϊ φορήμμεθα σὺν μελαίνᾳ

χείμωνι μόχθεντες μεγάλῳ μάλα·
πὲρ μὲν γὰρ ἄντλος ἰστοπέδαν ἔχει,
λαῖφος δὲ πὰν ζάδηλον ἤδη,
καὶ λάκιδες μέγαλαι κὰτ αὖτο,

χάλαισι δ’ ἄγκυρραι, τὰ δ’ ὀή[ϊα
[                                                            ]
[                                                            ]
τοι πόδες ἀμφότεροι μένο[ισιν

ἐν βιμβλίδεσσι· τοῦτό με καὶ σ[άοι
μόνον· τὰ δ' ἄχματ’ ἐκπεπ[ ]άχμενα
  ]μεν [ ]ρηντ’ ἔπερθα· τὼν[
  ]ενοις [



I am senseless of the winds’ state;
    swells rise here, and here,
and we in our black ship
    go borne in their middle,

distressed, under tempest.
    The mast-mount slops bilgewater,
canvas rips everywhere
    open to light, in great slashes,

anchors drop, the r[udder
    [                                                               ]
[                                                               ]
    catch both feet fast

in the ropes, only this s[aves] me,
    away the cargo carr[
   ]ed above; of the [
    ]are [


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